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Learn to play the harp

Learning to play the harp is accessible to people of all ages and abilities, including people with Additional Support Needs.  I have taught pupils aged from 6 to 86 years old and have worked as a Primary Teacher for 14years.  Unlike some other instruments, the harp sounds beautiful as soon as you start playing.  You may even be able to play a short tune by the end of your first lesson. 


I'm delighted to help you achieve whatever goals you have for learning the harp.

I can help you:

  • whether or not you have played a musical instrument before 

  • to prepare for performances, exams or competitions

  • to prepare for auditions for university

  • to play for FUN or for your own mental health and relaxation! 

Some of my pupils have passed ABRSM and Royal Conservatiore of Scotland exams with Distinction.  Others have won competitions at the prestigious National MOD, local Inverness Festival and the Clarsach Society's composition competitions.

Most people don't want to have to buy a clarsach straight away so I can help you arrange to hire a harp.  The Clarsach Society is fantastic for this.

Take your first step to playing the clarsach, check availability or just ask me a question here

* Please note: I operate a 48hr cancellation policy.

two young ladies holding a trophy and certificates behind a small harp

  ... even if you don't live in the Highlands!
  Learn to play the harp ANYWHERE online





If you've always wanted to learn the harp but can't find a teacher near you, Messenger/FaceTime/Zoom lessons could be the answer.  We can have a lesson over the internet at a time that suits you from your own home meaning you don't need to travel a long distance for your lessons. I can demonstrate technique and see what you are doing almost as if we were in the same room.  I can send you music electronically and email notes of things to work on between lessons.

If you'd like to try lessons online you will need:

* a harp/clarsach (I can help you find one to rent or buy)

* a broadband internet connection

              AND EITHER

* a computer

* a Facebook Messenger / FaceTime account

* a webcam

* a microphone (this is often inbuilt to your device)

* speakers (these are often inbuilt to your device) or headphones


* an Apple device with FaceTime 

Experience has proven that an iPad, or bigger, is easier to use than an iPhone because of the size of the screen.

For further Frequently Asked Questions, visit here.

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Two of my pupils who won the duet clarsach competition at the National MOD.

Group lessons

I started teaching group lessons for Feis Spe in January 2020. 

These currently take place on Wednesday evenings in Aviemore.


Visit their website here to book.

feis spe logo showing a fiddle


Since August 2023, I have been teaching group lessons for the Cromarty Arts Trust.  

These run weekly (in person once a month and online for the other weeks) on Monday afternoons.


You can make enquiries via their website here.



"Very cool, thank you for the video and photos Emma!  I love that you hold space in your lessons for fun and experimentation!"

Mrs Harper

"Emma is a really good teacher, even through FaceTime!  We recently had a trial and it worked rather well. It was easy to hear her and the harp.  There is a bit of fidgeting with the iPad to begin with and you have to be conscious with the lighting, however it doesn’t matter too much. 

I would definitely recommend this if you would like to try out the harp or have played for a while and want some more lessons."

Ishana Graham

"You are very patient teaching Elizabeth and she is getting a lot out of the lessons.  It's great for her confidence to show she is making progress.  She is really made up - thank you!!"


                                                                                                                                                                      Mrs Walsh

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