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The clarsach can be played at a church service or crematorium while your family and friends arrive/leave and at any specific part of your service to allow the space and time for people to just sit with their special memories. 

As a portable instrument, I can bring the bigger 34-string clarsach or the tiny 22-string clarsach to a memorial event or for the scattering of ashes in almost any location.  I can even take the tiny clarsach to play up a mountain!

You can contact me here if you'd like some more information, or if talking on the phone feels easier, my number is 07912029291.

When planning a funeral for your loved one, at such a difficult time, it can be hard to know what music they would have wanted at their send-off.  I would feel privileged to be able help to create the very personal and dignified atmosphere you want to honour your family.

There is a list of music I know already here to pick from or I can make suggestions.  However, if there is a favourite traditional tune or a more modern song that was special to your loved one, I will do my best to arrange it on the harp.

small lever harp clarsach on wooden floor
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